Developing Organisational Capability

Our contemporary approaches to development engage a deep appreciation of complex human behaviour and group dynamics. These powerful experiential programs cultivate new possibilities, enrich team potency and revolutionise the capability of your people and organisation.

Role Coaching

Role coaching enables you to explore and transform your current lived experience of your role into impactful, authentic actions. You get to explore the personal, contextual and systemic pushes and pulls on your role in a way that promotes your insight and ability to influence outcomes in your work environment.

Our senior coaches create a safe reflective space for you to process work related events, test assumptions, share ideas and progress issues in order to learn and practice new ways of thinking and working through complex problems. We apply creative tools and techniques that bring particular areas into focus within a non-dependent relationship where the coachee sets the direction and takes responsibility for their own learning.

Role coaching programs typically include:

  • A 30-minute 3-way set up session with the coachee, their manager and Insight to Influence coach to clarify expectations of the participant's role and align on coaching outcomes
  • A 360o assessment and development planning phase
  • 6 x 60-90-minute confidential sessions (face-to-face or video conferencing)
  • A 30-minute 3-way conclusion session with the coachee, their manager and Insight to Influence coach to evaluate progress against the expected outcomes and set further development directions

Foundational Leadership Practices I and II

The ‘Foundational Leadership Practices I and II’ program develops the fundamental capabilities required to successfully lead people and create high-performing teams.

The program is delivered across two phases with periodic intervals enabling more sustainable learning outcomes through the practice and application of new skills, behaviours, tools and techniques back into the workplace. The primary focus of Phase I is on ‘self’ development and the emphasis of Phase II is on leading ‘others’.

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Peer Learning Groups

Peer learning groups are a powerful intervention to boost engagement, accountability, diversity, innovative solutions and change intelligence.

Characterised by an understanding that skill development is most successful when working with live challenges, the group takes responsibility for its own learning with each session determined by the emergent need.

In essence, you learn how to learn publicly, whilst creatively and collaboratively problem solving. In the process of working together, the group develops a deep appreciation of themselves along with a profound understanding of complex human behaviour, system dynamics, the business context and needs for the future.

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Team Effectiveness

Team effectiveness programs emotionally and intellectually connect team members with each other, their role requirements and the purpose of the organisation.

Our consultants work on deeper levels of consciousness to surface, process and empower the group to progress any unhelpful dynamics being activated.

We adopt a variety of creative modalities and learning techniques that lead to new insights and long-lasting behavioural change.

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Bespoke Learning Solutions

Insight to Influence is committed to meeting our clients where they are at. To achieve this, we obtain a clear understanding of the context and drivers for your development initiative and then draw on existing tools and modules to custom design a learning program that directly links with the presenting problem and desired outcomes.

Our consultants engage with your key stakeholders and co-create a final design that ensures immediate relevance to the participant's role and business requirements.

Example modules for customised learning solutions include:

  • Self-awareness | Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching for performance
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Difficult conversations
  • Communication, negotiating and influencing
  • Working with conflict
  • Leading change
  • Developing resilience
  • Building cohesive and effective teams
  • Working with culture and purpose
  • Mindfulness
  • Diversity
  • Innovation and creative problem solving
  • Effective decision making
  • Stress, well-being and health awareness

Psychometric Assessments

Insight to Influence’s psychologists and accredited practitioners facilitate a wide range of valid and reliable diagnostic tools and 360o assessments for leadership and management capability, role preferences, communication and conflict styles, safety climate and team performance.

We have the experience to custom design and/or purposefully match the right tool from an extensive suite of valid and reliable psychometric assessments that complement and enhance your learning and development interventions. Some of the tried and tested instruments we use include:

  • Open Culture Questionnaire (OCQ-40)
  • Leadership Circles
  • EQi 2.0 Leadership Report
  • WPI Career Report
  • WPI Development Report
  • WPI Leadership Report
  • PRISM Brain Mapping
  • MBTI Step I and II
  • Human Synergistics LSI
  • 16 Personality Factors (16PF)
  • Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ 360)
  • DISC
  • Team Effectiveness Profile
  • Team Management Systems
  • Engaged Metrics
  • Hay's Leadership and Team Climate
  • Belbin's Team Roles
  • Communication Styles
  • Conflict Management Style
  • Workplace Values and Motivators
  • Work Climate Survey
  • Work Safe Predictor
  • Safety Climate Questionnaire