Company Overview

Who We Are

Established in 2015, Insight to Influence is built on a long history of consultancy work as the former NB Consulting which successfully operated throughout Queensland between 2000 and 2010. The focus of Insight to Influence is on enabling performance improvements across three pillars of transformation: People, Technology and Processes. We are a contemporary organisational development consulting firm with a team of senior consultants working under the leadership of Psychologist Nicole Barrett and General Manager Andrew Chantler, who heads up the technology side of the house.

Insight to Influence’s consultancy practices integrate the theoretical with creative, yet pragmatic, development strategies. These emerge from the application of tools and interventions that uncover the complexity of the presenting problem in the context of the desired outcomes and actual needs of your business. Of most benefit, we work closely with you and adopt varied approaches that leverage your existing resources and align with the business imperatives, culture and context.

The quality of our work is reflected in our hands-on approach and depth of expertise in culture, leadership, group dynamics, systems thinking, change and transformation, safety, technology, research and other organisational development and human centric services. Our role is to design and deliver solutions that enable individuals, teams and your organisation to learn something new and then manage yourself differently. Our broad pool of consulting talent allows us to scale up for complex programs of work and purposefully match suitable practitioners to your unique needs.

Our consultants comprise psychologists and specialist practitioners with experience in all levels of government, engineering and infrastructure, health, defence, manufacturing, banking, travel, retail, aviation, oil and gas and other corporate environments. Our people have provided leadership and organisational consulting, culture and capability development, and transformational change programs throughout Australia, New Zealand, India, Europe, the US, Middle East, PNG, South Africa and Singapore. In fact, Insight to Influence’s consultants have been integral players in hundreds of successful projects, from motorways to IT; from water treatment plants to hospitals; from telecommunications to defence facilities and from power stations to call centres.

From concept development, through to delivery and evaluation, our team design and deliver systemic and commercially savvy solutions that advance your objectives in the most cost-effective way.

How We Work

Our consultants are results driven and establish clear role boundaries in terms of client accountabilities and the distinction between 'consultant', 'expert' and 'an extra pair of hands'. We work with real experiences and live business challenges and the local and wider pushes and pulls that influence you and your organisation are identified and processed in order to make meaning and progress. Our consultants offer an integrated approach to programs of work and a level of authenticity that may not always feel comfortable. Rather than being distracted by resistance, we view this as symbolic - that you and your organisation are learning and on the precipice of lasting change.

We have a demonstrable history of impacting and contributing to the transformation of situations where there is a recurring problem that you cannot shift - where something has to radically change and you’re not sure what, where or how. You may know what needs to change yet you don’t know where to start, or what needs to happen and the problem just seems too big or complex to contemplate. We draw on an exploration of multiple perspectives of your current reality and collaboratively shape the work to be done.

Our experience and insights from working across diverse sectors and organisations is a resource we bring to the work we do together. Our methods are underpinned by evidenced-based theories and practices related to human development, psychology, system psychodynamics, neurosciences and complexity theory. This enables us to work with leadership, people and cultural challenges related to all dimensions of the human experience - physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

Insight to Influence’s preferred approaches to partnering with clients are founded on:

  • Rigorous organisational analysis - this is where we get under perceptions or assumptions and uncover the dimensions of the current situation so that a baseline is established. Data collected is the source of targeted remedial strategies, development interventions and robust evaluations that really do measure business impacts and the return on your investment.
  • Partnering and collaboration with internal resources - this ensures that your business leads and co-creates the development initiatives and that the interventions are aligned with your business needs. We develop the internal capability of your people and avoid any long-term dependency on Insight to Influence’s consultants.
  • Experiential learning works best - our programs are characterised by an understanding that skill development is most successful when working with live challenges that are being faced by you and your organisation. We also hold that development interventions at regular intervals ensures that the learning is relevant, real time and provides break throughs with the issues, opportunities and needs.
  • Working with leaders and intact teams – this permits individuals’, the team and divisional sub-systems to learn and transform collectively enabling ongoing peer support and sustainable change.
  • We focus on the ‘role’ – this generates insights that influence specific role action requirements in order to meet the organisation’s purpose. We attend to the external context, system dynamics and the personal history, personality and the motivational pushes and pulls that are present.
  • Our commitment to robust evaluations is legendary – we consider evaluation to be a vital step when in partnership with you so that you can measure the value, business impacts and return on investment for the work achieved. This informs and refines 'next steps' and ensures that the improvement and development cycle continues.
  • Learning and insights that influence action is the name of our game - we are open with our intellectual property and committed to getting it out into the world rather than ring fencing it. You can reproduce anything we co-create, at any time, providing Insight to Influence is acknowledged as the source.

Purpose, Values and Principles


Waking up insights to influence and generate purposeful actions.

Values and Operating Principles
  • Life-long learning - curiosity, passionate exploration and the illumination of new insights, develops change intelligence and influences decision-making and actions.
  • Meaningful dialogue - present conversations occur without judgment and are founded on trust, authenticity and vulnerability to bring the unconscious into consciousness.
  • Diversity and innovation - through genuine collaboration and effective partnering we reveal and draw on all of the resources available.
  • Delivering results - our disciplined yet flexible approaches to contracting and project management ensures we remain responsive and achieve high value outcomes.
  • Socially responsible - we value the safety, health and well-being of all people, feel connected to the spirit of our lands and respect the traditional custodians past and present.