Leadership and Culture Transformation

We work with an intensity that recognises the pervasive nature of culture and its inextricable links with leadership, structures, systems and the external world in which you operate. Our leadership and culture programs are an impactful journey releasing transformational uplifts in role performance and business outcomes.

Culture Transformation

A global survey (the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer), revealed a significant decline on 'trust' in Australian institutions and almost two-thirds of our population believe that CEOs should be taking the lead on change. If that's not enough, ASIC's Governance Rules are set to place accountability for developing socially responsible cultures firmly in the hands of company boards and senior leaders.

Cultures grow from complex 'inside-out and outside-in' learning processes where values and beliefs are formed in response to observed behaviours, symbols and systems. These beliefs turn into assumptions that inform people about what is important to your organisation, influence on-the-job activity and produce outcomes directly linked with your business performance and ethical conduct.

To survive and thrive in our complex and everchanging world, organisations require an Open Culture that is ethical, agile and adaptive with an uncompromising commitment to diversity, learning and continuous improvement. Of note, IBM's 2018 Global C-Suite study identified Open Culture as the most influential factor for organisations that are successful at change.

If your organisation is experiencing change, looking to re-energise and transcend current performance, or taking a new direction, then understanding and managing your culture is key to success.

Insight to Influence's rigorous culture research processes reveal meaningful insights that assess your people risks, enable you to align on investment decisions and influence improvement strategies that unlock new possibilities and transform your business performance.

We are advocates of practical yet robust approaches to culture change. Leadership commitment and alignment, coupled with an evidence-based culture diagnostic, permits the development of a top-down / bottom-up remedial response that supports the delivery of your strategic transformation program.

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Leadership Development

Culture transformation programs must be supported by aligned and authentic leadership throughout the organisation. Our 'Third I Leadership Program' is an enlightened development experience with the necessary learning edges to achieve a meaningful uplift in role effectiveness and business outcomes.

The program adopts a heuristic and impactful peer learning approach that is firmly anchored in role performance and the current reality of your organisation's needs. Insight to Influence is about leaving the rhetoric and platitudes at the door, turning yourself 'inside-out and outside-in' and then re-designing your leadership practices to work systemically, strategically and purposefully.

Six to eight leaders commit to a 12-month journey of exploration, challenge, discovery and progress. The program includes 1:1 leadership coaching and regular peer group sessions, along with 360o leadership assessments, engagement with your manager and direct reports and the practical application of new skills and behaviours between sessions.

The trusted leadership circle establishes a safe reflective space for you to work and develop insights that influence your leadership actions. Each session has a focal theme yet the cohort support, influence and direct their own learning using 'live' complex business challenges and role dilemmas that create shared accountability and sustainable transformation.

Our experienced facilitators introduce innovative learning techniques and work a parallel process to progress specific issues while reflecting on the here-and-now group dynamic as a resource to inform your leadership actions.

What to expect
  • INSIGHT - Experience vulnerability and disruption in order to challenge the status quo, accelerate learning and perceive the world differently.
  • INFLUENCE - Intentionally experiment and apply new insights that stretch capabilities and affect high-value outcomes with others.
  • IMPACT - Take purposeful action with an enduring commitment to curiosity, lifelong learning and adaptation.

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