Speaking about Safety Culture with Todd Conklin

By Nicole Barrett, Psychologist

Feb 10, 2016

safety culture

Very grateful for the opportunity of speaking with Todd about safety culture.

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and hope that you do too.

In reference to the purpose of our roles, this discussion sparked Todd to coin the phrase "to look for, seek and create diabolical change". Love it!

Some key take outs are:

  • Culture exists... If you don't manage it - it will manage you!
  • Leaders and managers play a significant role in setting the tone and levels of risk taking behaviour
  • Measuring culture is a safety improvement intervention that requires an objective and rigorous approach
  • Culture is messy and complex so we need to work in a collaborative and adaptive way as well as learn how to talk about it

Podcast also available at http://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-pjh5k-5c08cd/download

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