Change Management and Renewal

Our psychologists and specialist change practitioners deliver enterprise wide projects including culture transformation, the implementation of new technology and business processes, relocations and restructures requiring the alignment of your people to new roles, reporting lines and stakeholders.

We believe that successful change management necessitates more than a list of activities that form the basis of an overarching plan. To achieve sustainable transformation, Insight to Influence develop, facilitate and effect change management strategies that align both the thinking and the feelings of employees with the new operating environment.

Transformational Change Management

Insight to Influence's transformational interventions are designed to build the internal change capability of your people managers in order to engage and transition the hearts and minds of the workforce.

Our approach to leadership alignment, change coaching and experiential learning transforms how leaders and managers connect to and embrace their role in leading change and empathetically engage to re-orient their people.

Transactional Change Management

Insight to Influence's change toolkit guides the application of various processes that manage the transactional elements of change and support project delivery through to completion. These include activities such as change analysis, needs and readiness assessments, planning, stakeholder engagement, communications and the design and deployment of training.

Our commitment to coaching and supporting people leaders along their own change journey achieves more active and authentic engagement with their teams. With increased awareness, empathy and connectedness to the shared experience, our approach enables smooth ‘transition' through the change cycle in accelerated timeframes.

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