organisational development

Organisational Development Consulting

Insight to Influence’s consultants work holistically to align your people, culture and strategy with the purpose of your organisation along with the structures and operating systems that enable optimal delivery and outcomes. Our practices are designed to illuminate clear insights, develop capability and create ethical performance cultures that enrich your employees’ experience leading to exceptional business performance.

Organisational Analysis and Research

Our psychologists and senior consultants have specialist skills in organisational analysis and empirical research methods.

The design of your internal or external research program is highly dependent on the focus of inquiry. We consult with you on selecting the most valid and reliable approach including the research framework, sampling and data collection methodology and reporting and feedback requirements.

Insight to Influence triangulate and adopt both qualitative and quantitative techniques so that a complete story of the what, the why and the how can be told. Our rigorous analysis and research practices produce meaningful insights that influence clear directions for change, reducing wasted effort and unnecessary costs resulting from off-target solutions. Importantly, reliable baseline data permits robust evaluations that measure the value and business impacts particular improvement interventions have made.

If required, Insight to Influence offers an extended network of trusted advisors and industry specialists to meet specific needs that are over and above our core services including employment law, financial business strategy, accounting, IT risk and security and health and safety competency training and auditors.

Strategy Retreats

Insight to Influence’s strategy retreats create the necessary space to clear the mind, challenge everything and re-design your thinking, business imperatives and future directions.

Integrating strategy retreats with an immersive residential experience is a compelling opportunity for your leadership team to attend to the business at hand and at the same time, share an intensive learning and development journey. Our consultants work closely with you to set an agenda with purposeful session plans while remaining flexible enough to manage the emergence of innovative ideas, sharpen your leadership practices and reflect on and shift your group's dynamic and performance outcomes throughout the process.

Change Management and Renewal

Whilst the scale and complexity of change may vary, Insight to Influence run parallel yet distinct streams of work giving a balanced proportion of effort to both the transactional and transitional elements of change. This focus permits you and your organisation to build change capability, maximise engagement and certainty, and realise the intended business benefits in accelerated timeframes.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are stressful often leading to a significant downturn in performance and less than desirable benefits. Our purposeful approaches to re-structures, systems integration, culture alignment and familiarising your people with the new operating model enables the execution of smooth transition plans, reduces uncertainty, maintains performance and manages risk.

Organisational Design and Structure

Creating an operating model to transform your strategy into results requires a systematic process that puts the purpose of your business and customer priorities at the centre. Insight to Influence works to align your leadership on the design principles and reach agreement on the best fit structure and operating model.

Our consultants work with you to ensure that accountabilities, governance practices and new ways of operating are clearly articulated and understood across the business. We further identify the capabilities required to execute your strategy and deliver transformational change practices that minimise disruption and re-orient people to the new order.

Strategic Human Resources

Insight to Influence offer strategic HR advisory services and solutions across a range of people centric requirements.

We partner with your internal resources to develop and implement people strategies relating to:

  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Technical and Behavioural Capability Frameworks
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Role Analysis and Descriptions
  • Role Transitions
  • Exit interviews and Thematic Reporting
  • Employee Assistance

Program Evaluation

Our psychologists design and conduct rigorous program evaluation processes to gain perspective on the value or business impact a particular initiative or intervention has made. Evaluation is a vital process that supports future investment decisions and the findings recycle back for continuous learning and improvement in your organisation.

Survey Design (Customer and Employee Opinion)

Insight to Influence accesses a wide range of valid and reliable off-the-shelf assessment tools. In addition, our specialist capability permits the custom design of survey instruments with stand-up psychometric properties that meet your specific needs and focus of inquiry.

Our proprietary on-line survey platform facilitates the administration of your survey instrument. Some of our signature tools include:

Systems and Process Improvement

Systems and processes must enable, not hinder, smooth operations and reliable governance practices. Our consultants have specialist capability in business analysis, software development and web applications, project delivery and program management of small to large scale ICT implementation and process improvement initiatives.

We spend time understanding your business operations in order to map the business requirements and identify the most cost effective and reliable solution. Importantly, our technical and change consultants collaborate and work as an integrated team enabling effortless transition into new practices with enhanced business outcomes and speed of adoption.

Knowledge Management

Ultimately, knowledge management is about shared learning, managing risk and the reduction of duplication, wasted effort and costs. Our knowledge management services support you to develop and implement technology platforms and procedures that support the systematic and easy transfer of knowledge while optimising efficiencies and consistency throughout your organisation.