Leaders and Followers
Yes Sir, No Sir: the unconscious dynamic of leadership and followship

By Nicole Barrett, Psychologist | Sep 5, 2018

It is tempting to conclude that poor leadership capability is at the heart of all issues when it comes to employee engagement, team effectiveness, organisational culture and performance. For example, I was recently engaged to deliver leadership...

stuck in the mud
Stuck in the Mud: the problem with middle management

By Nicole Barrett, Psychologist | May 16, 2017

I'd like you to consider the concept of 'middle management mud'. You know, that group of people 'stuck' between meeting the demands of senior leaders and the needs of the people that they lead? Whilst I totally empathise with their plight, and the...

consultation or collaboration
Consultation or Collaboration: why it's important to know the difference

By Nicole Barrett, Psychologist | Jun 18, 2016

Time and time again, I hear employees express their opinion about 'one directional' change events and feelings of 'being done to' with regard to new systems and solutions being pushed upon them. Yet ask a Project, Change or People Manager and...