Regenerative Safety Culture: What Boards Can Do

By Nicole Barrett | Jun 3, 2021

“You cannot shift people’s behaviour by simply asking them to stop, start or do more. Changing behaviour necessitates changing the context and habits of thought that underpin the behaviour.”   First I need to clarify that, whilst widely...

Legacy Leadership: your path to a new world order

By Nicole Barrett | May 24, 2021

You now stand at the 11th hour. At midnight, everything that you did, or didn’t do, will be revealed. It can mean the difference between extinction or flourishing - however, you won’t know what has been successful until the 12th hour. What do...


In a previous role, I canvassed the idea of introducing the concept of ‘shadow’ when working with leaders and their teams. My then Manager quickly dismissed the notion and, like a good little soldier, I left it alone. However, the avoidance of...

The Call for Renewable Leadership

By Nicole Barrett, Psychologist | Sep 30, 2019

Last month I received an unusual gift from an existing client. Unusual in that it is rare to experience genuine collaboration with multiple consultants that share the same client and a gift because the offer to participate enabled the: ...

Fake Leadership and Toxic Workplaces (Part 2)

By Nicole Barrett, Psychologist | Jul 8, 2019

This is a continuation of Fake Leadership and Toxic Workplaces Part 1. I recommend that you click on the link and first read Part 1 which sets the scene for some conscious reflection about a new wave of fake leadership that is pleasure seeking, pain...

Toxic Workplace
Fake Leadership and Toxic Workplaces (Part 1)

By Nicole Barrett, Psychologist | Jul 5, 2019

This is the first of a 2-part commentary taking a closer look at the concept and practices of fake leadership and how this contributes to toxic work environments. The notion of the corporate psychopaths and narcissistic leaders is not new, yet the...

Leaders and Followers
Yes Sir, No Sir: the unconscious dynamic of leadership and followship

By Nicole Barrett, Psychologist | Sep 5, 2018

It is tempting to conclude that poor leadership capability is at the heart of all issues when it comes to employee engagement, team effectiveness, organisational culture and performance. For example, I was recently engaged to deliver leadership...

open culture
The Silent Killer: people risks and culture

By Nicole Barrett, Psychologist | May 16, 2018

A prevalent theme that continues to bubble up at the moment is workplace culture. In the wake of the emissions conspiracy, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess has stated that creating an open and transparent culture is a key priority for the organisation...